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Kuenzler's Hedgehog Cactus
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Welcome to the Environmental Resource Database of New Mexico! EnviroData-NM is a publicly available application that consolidates New Mexico's environmental and public health data in an interactive map of the state making it possible for agencies, the public, private industry, and conservation practitioners to obtain a comprehensive view of what's happening on New Mexico's landscapes to enable data-driven decisions and minimize negative impacts to human health, plants, animals, land, air, and water. Please visit the about page to learn more.

EnviroData-NM enables users to explore environmental data without registering but in order to create and obtain a project report users must create an account and sign in. Please visit the help page for information on how to run a project report for an area of interest.

Valles Caldera

Get information for an area of interest on:

  • Sensitive plants and animals
  • Wetlands, forests and other ecosystems
  • Air and water quality data
  • Resource development
  • Community health
  • Oil and gas activity


The NMEDB was made by possible by data and technical support provided from the following New Mexico state agencies:

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish
New Mexico Environment Department
New Mexico State Land Office
New Mexico Department of Health
University of New Mexico